The Best Things Streaming For Free This Month

Welcome to the newest addition to our monthly Best Things Streaming columns! In this super exciting regular series, we’ll be highlighting some of the best things that you can watch without paying a penny. Focusing on Ad-Supported Video On Demand services like Tubi and IMDB TV, as well as free library services like Hoopla and Kanopy, we’ll pick a few of our favorites to write up. Then like our other columns we’ll curate a list of the other best stuff that’s available. So if you’re tired of paying for all the many many streaming services that seem to keep popping up then this is the column for you.

The Walking Dead Marathon – Pluto
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Pluto has been doing a great job at creating a rad, usable platform for ad-supported video and on-demand content. This month they’re bringing something really cool to their roster. The first five seasons of The Walking Dead are now available on demand. They’ll also be playing a TWD marathon on their Stories By AMC channel on May 2 and every Saturday after. You’ll also be able to watch the first three seasons of Fear The Walking Dead too. This is a really impressive addition to Pluto’s ever growing lineup that will likely find them a whole new audience.

Color Out of Space – Hoopla
Nicolas Cage in Color Out of Space

RLJE Films

One of the most comprehensive library apps, Hoopla has over 13,000 movies that almost anyone with a library card can access. If you don’t have a card already, check whether you can sign up digitally during the shelter-in-place order. This brand new H.P. Lovecraft adaptation stars Nic Cage and comes from director Richard Stanley. It’s surreal, beautiful, and delightfully strange. This is a great choice even if you aren’t a fan of Lovecraft and his terrible life choices.

Sea Fever – Hoopla
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Eagle Film

Another inventive little indie comes is Neasa Hardiman’s Sea Fever. Sitting somewhere between The Thing and Alien in terms of tone, this chiller is claustrophobic as fuck. Siobhán is a marine biology student stuck on a fishing trawler with its cantankerous crew. But when a mysterious and powerful force gets its grips on the boat, she quickly becomes a hero. Grimy, scary, and atmospheric, Sea Fever is a great addition to the nautical horror canon.

Addams Family Values – Pluto
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One of the few sequels that actually surpasses the original, we love Addams Family Values. This hilarious family comedy is a riotous joy and features brilliant performances. We still stand by the fact that Joan Cusack should have won an Oscar for her part in this sumptuous and silly flick. Following the birth of a new baby, the Addams are thrown into disarray. The scheming Debbie (played by Cusack) arrives in the guise of a nanny. And before they know it, the family is at the mercy of a sociopathic black widow. One of our faves, this is the perfect feel good movie.

Our other free streaming picks this month…

Age of Adeline (2015)
Annie (2014)
Chicago (2002)
The Call (2013)
Disaster Movie (2008)
Down to Earth (2001)
Fruitvale Station (2013)
Here Comes the Boom (2012)
House of Flying Daggers (2004)
Looper (2012)
Maid in Manhattan (2002)
Paid in Full (2002)
Pompeii (2014)
Spy Kids (2001)
The Usual Suspects (1995)


The Walking Dead
Addams Family Values
Kiss The Girls
The 9th Gate
The Crazies
Rat Race
Mo’ Money
The Devil’s Rejects
What Lies Beneath
Vampire Academy
To Die For
Dead Again


Way of the Gun
The Last Witch Hunter
O’ Brother Where Art Thou
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Exorcist
Romy and Michelle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III


Color Out of Space
Lars and the Real Girl
Anne of Green Gables
Stray Dolls
Romeo and Juliet
The Crucible
Black Widow Killer
Dark Places
Summer of ’84
Hearts Beat Loud

Featured Image: AMC

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