The Best Things Streaming For Free This Month

Welcome to the newest addition to our monthly Best Things Streaming columns! In this super exciting regular series, we’ll be highlighting some of the best things that you can watch without paying a penny. Focusing on Ad-Supported Video On Demand services like Tubi, and Vudu, as well as free library services like Hoopla and Kanopy we’ll pick five of our favorites to write up and then like our other columns we’ll curate a list of the other best stuff that’s available. So if you’re tired of paying for all the many many streaming services that seem to keep popping up then this is the column for you!

Nightcrawler – Tubi (12/10)
A man stands holding a camera looking scared and serious

Open Road Films

One of our fave films of the last decade this searing satire on celebrity, toxic masculinity, and the horrors of the 24-hour news cycle is currently streaming free on Tubi. You can either watch via the app or your browser, either way don’t miss this spookily dark and brilliantly shot film which shines a light on the lengths people will go to get a scoop. Gyllenhaal shines as does his co-star Riz Ahmed, so if you want something decidedly dark this Holiday season make sure to check Nightcrawler out.

Nightmare on Elm St 1/2/3 – Vudu (Avail Now)

New Line Cinema

Even though Vudu runs predominantly off rentals and purchases, you can actually watch a whole bunch of ad-supported movies and TV including all three awesome Nightmare on Elm St movies. Featuring Robert Englund’s terrifying Freddy Kruger as he torments multiple young, hot teens this is a perfect scary triple bill for the chilly nights. Also, shoutout the O.G. final girl queen Heather Langenkamp who you can see above and who stars in the classic Wes Craven horror flick.

Her Smell – Kanopy (Avail Now)
Elizabeth Moss in Her Smell

Gunpowder & Sky

This gnarly indie flick about a female rock star has been shocking and impressing critics all year and you can now watch it thanks to the library supported service Kanopy. If you’re a fan of indie movies or were saddened by the end of Filmstruck then grab your library card–or head to your local library and get one–and sign up for Kanopy! Once you’ve got an account you can watch a bunch of amazing curated movies with no adverts including Her Smell which centers on “Becky Something a talented but self-destructive musician who seems determined to alienate everyone around her — even at the cost of her own band’s success.”

Prospect – Kanopy (Avail Now)
A young woman in a space helmet stands in the wild weeds holding a gun

DUST, Gunpowder & Sky

A gorgeous and sumptuous low-budget sci-fi offering that has been horribly ignored since release, this movie follows a young woman and her father as they head on a mission to secure valuable cargo on a distant planet. Things quickly go awry and the movie turns into a tense battle for survival as our protagonists attempt to survive the brutal terrain and not so friendly locals. If you’re enjoying The Mandalorian then you’ll be happy to know that this film stars Pedro Pascal in a maskless but equally badass and mysterious role. Prospect is a perfect example of the kind of brilliant stuff you can discover on a free streaming service like Kanopy.

Satanic Panic – Hoopla (Avail now)
A young woman with red hair runs down a street as her face bleeds profusely


Fresh off a critically acclaimed run at North America’s genre festivals this incredibly fun cult horror flick comes from Chelsea Stardust and is filled with all that good gory satan worshipping action you’d expect from a film with this title. Without spoiling too many of the film’s secrets you can get a taste of what to expect in the official description. “A pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope has to fight for her life – and her tips – when her last order of the night turns out to be high society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice.”

Our other free streaming picks this month…

Kanopy –
Her Smell
Young Adult
Under the Silver Lake
Eighth Grade
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Lady Bird
Leave No Trace

Kill Bill Volume 1
Annabelle: Creation
The Losers
Blade: The Series
Beautiful Creatures
From Dusk Till Dawn
Nightcrawler (starts 12/10)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (ends 12/16)

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island
The Switch
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Groundhog Day
Hey Arnold The Movie

While We’re Young
Mansfield Park
The Sting
What We Do In The Shadows
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Bigfoot
Pokemon the First Movie
Satanic Panic
Future Shock

Header Image: Open Road Pictures