STRANGER THINGS with Pugs Will Take You to the Upside Down of Cute

Ever since Stranger Things hit Netflix two months ago and rocked all of our worlds, we’ve seen fans from all across the country show their love for the spooky sci-fi series in many admirable and creative ways. These methods have ranged from fan art to cosplay to some custom 8-bit style retro video games. It seems we have all collectively flipped out for the town of Hawkins, Indiana and the world of the Upside Down. But as cool as all those other things I just mentioned are, they are all missing something:  adorable pugs.

Well, thanks to the folks over at Mashable, we’ve learned that Doug the Pug is here to change all that. As some of you may already know, Doug is already internet famous for dressing up as famous human celebs, and then recreating well known television shows and music videos, including ones from the likes of Justin Bieber and Meghan Trainor. At only four years old, he already has his own Wikipedia page. Now the lovable li’l guy has debuted his most recent opus, a 26-second version of Stranger Things that is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.Doug manages to cover the major characters from the show in just a few seconds of screen time, including the Hawkins AV Club’s own Lucas, Dustin, and Mike, the mysterious Eleven,  Winona Ryder’s harried Joyce Byers (minus the cigarettes), and Police Chief Jim Hopper. And yes, even everyone’s favorite neglected missing teenager Barb is included as well. You can check out the entire video above.

What do you think of Doug the Pug’s tribute to this summer’s biggest hit show? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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Image: Facebook/Doug the Pug

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