STRANGER THINGS Video Game Is Coming from Netflix and Telltale Games

Stranger Things fans are eagerly awaiting the third season of Netflix‘s breakout series, and now they have something else to look forward to. Telltale Games and Netflix are joining forces to create a Stranger Things video game that may offer a new way to explore Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside Down.

Tech Radar was the first outlet to break the story about the Stranger Things game, which has since been confirmed by both Netflix and Telltale. The game, which will be available on computers and consoles, will presumably be similar to Telltale’s signature story based games that force players to make hard choices as they shape the narrative around them. The Stranger Things game doesn’t have a set place on the series’ timeline yet, but it could be set in the past or between seasons. Tech Radar‘s report suggested the game was originally intended to launch with Stranger Things 2 last year.

That’s not the only collaboration between Netflix and Telltale on the horizon. The two companies also confirmed they will bring an adapted version of Minecraft: Story Mode to Netflix this fall. The Minecraft Netflix series is said to be an interactive show that places the viewer/player in the leading role. We’re not quite sure how that’s going to work through Netflix’s interface, but it is an intriguing idea that could lead to more interactive series in the near future.

Are you excited about the Stranger Things game and Minecraft‘s arrival on Netflix? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Netflix/Telltale Games

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