BarkBox’s STRANGER THINGS Box Brings Our Dogs to the Upside Down

Stranger Things is finally back and just about everyone is hyped. After a few years away, the ’80s nostalgia-induced hit show returns for season four—and even before the season’s debut, it is everywhere. Even dogs—the regular dogs, thankfully not demodogs—are getting in on Stranger Things love. BarkBox just launched a Stranger Things box for new subscribers, one full of toys recounting the series’ most iconic moments.

BarkBox's collection of Stranger Things merchandise

This new Hawkins and Upside Down-inspired collection is just BarkBox’s latest Stranger Things-related release. Luckily, the box isn’t riddled with alleged spoilers, like some other Stranger Things-related merchandise. It’s all fun nods to previous seasons—but with a whole lot of squeaky capabilities.

These are the toys BarkBox is especially excited about:

  • Eleven: A toy featuring the beloved character, complete with a removable jacket.
  • Beggo Woofles: An Eggo-inspired toy featuring a crinkly box and a trio of squeaky waffles.
  • Demobat: A sinister-looking monster from the Upside Down that your pup will hopefully destroy.
  • Steve’s Spiky Bat: It sounds sinister but it’s fun.
  • Dart: Dustin’s murderous season three pet makes a pretty cute plush toy.
  • Demo Dress-Pup: My dog is not the hat-wearing sort—he prefers his snug hotdog Halloween costume—but this Dustin-inspired Hat looks quite cute and comfy.

And happily, anyone can snag the hat. It’s available for current subscribers to add to their boxes.

Two options for the Stranger Things BarkBox-inspired box

The Stranger Things BarkBox package is available for new subscribers wanting to get their pup in on the monthly subscription box, which costs about $23 per month. Launched on May 23, the Stranger Things box is available for subscribers who sign up for 6-month or year-long plans. But only while supplies last. But fair warning, the Stranger Things box might send your dog to the Upside Down. Or at least make them really into Joy Division or REO Speedwagon.

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