New STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Clip Is Thirsty for Summer

Game of Thrones may be over, but we still have the return of another pop culture juggernaut with the upcoming third season of Stranger Things. And although we’ve had a few trailers and teases already, we now have our first official clip from the new season. And this one’s all about Hawkins’ resident hunk Billy, who makes all the lonely housewives go wild with his new pool lifeguard gig. Especially Mike and Nancy’s mom, Mrs. Wheeler. You can check out the clip down below:

Set in the summer of 1985, our favorite kids will now be a little older and faced with new challenges. The third season of Stranger Things will be a  departure from the first two seasons in its tone, and this clip looks straight out of any of the horny teen comedies of the era. Think movies like Fraternity Vacation and Porky’s. Will Billy and his sexy ‘stache be more than just comic relief; will he have a significant arc this season? Who knows, but between this and the Hawkins Mall setting for much of the action, expect brighter tones overall. No one needs to think too hard during the summer months anyway.

New STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Clip Is Thirsty for Summer_1

Stranger Things has pulled from many classic ’80s horror movies and novels in their first two seasons, something that helped make the show so successful. So if they take a deep dive into the ridiculous movies of the era that littered the “Wild Comedies” sections at your local Blockbuster Video, it would be a fitting evolution. The third season of Stranger Things drops on July 4, so now you have a reason to avoid hot, boring family barbecues and just stay home and binge the whole thing.

Images: Netflix

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