STRANGER THINGS Video Recaps Season 1 with Minimalist Animation

The second season of Stranger Things finally dropped on Netflix last week, and many of us inhaled the nine episode season in just a matter of days. How many of us? According to Nielsen data, almost 16 million viewers watched the first episode in the three days following release, beating other insanely popular shows like The Walking Dead when it comes to ratings.

Still, there are no doubt still many of you who have yet to dive into season two, maybe because it’s been so long since you’ve watched the first season that you might be afraid you’ve already forgotten most of the details. Luckily for you late to the party viewers, we’ve learned, via The Laughing Squid, that the folks over at   Creative Mammals and  Bare Knuckles Creative joined forces to make an animated retelling of the first season, and they’ve done so in under a minute running time. Think of it as Strangers Things: The Visual CliffsNotes.

Using minimalist art and the amazing ’80s style synth score from the actual series, we get flashes of the boys’ Dungeons and Dragons game, the killer Demogorgon, Joyce Byers’ Christmas light Ouija board, Eleven stealing the Eggo waffles from the grocery store, and many other highlights from the first year. The video specifically highlights young Will Byers’ journey in the Upside Down, including the cliffhanger ending to the first season that showed us that Will’s troubles were far from over.  You can watch the season one recap video in its entirety above.

Have you started to binge the second season of Stranger Things? Be sure to chime in down below in the comments.

Image: Netflix

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