Watch STRANGER THINGS Recreated as a Saturday Morning Cartoon

The nice thing about cartoons is that characters never have to age. The Bart and Lisa of season 33 can be the exact same kids they were in The Simpsons‘ series premiere. That’s definitely not the case for the youngsters of Hawkins, Indiana. The fresh-faced children we met on season one of Stranger Things now look like they’re ready for college in real life, even if they’re still in high school on the show. But if Netflix ever needs to keep them from getting too old it won’t be hard. The streaming site had animators turn iconic moments from the series into “A Stranger Morning Cartoon.” And we wouldn’t be afraid to wake up early to watch this series.

Some of Stranger Things’ most exciting, most hilarious, and most touching moments get recreated as cartoons in his delightful video. Netflix had different animators tackle signature scenes from across the show’s history. And each of them used their own animation style to do so. The dazzling collection includes:

  • Season 1 Recap by BlindPig.TV
  • “The Van Flip” by SMOG
  • “The Gate” by Will Barras & Hush London
  • “The Arcade” by Claudia Brugnaletti & Hush London
  • “Steve and Dustin” by Pedro Allevato (aka “Sugar Blood”)
  • “The Letter” by
Mike drives Eleven on his bike in an animated cartoon of Stranger Things

Ask six different people which vignette here is their favorite and you’ll probably get six different answers. As for us we’re partial to the “The Letter,” a sequence that will clearly make us cry no matter if we see it in live-action or as a cartoon. But aesthetically we adore the paper-animation style of ‘The Van Flip” by SMOG. We can really that flying van crinkle.

But just in case another global pandemic delays filming of Stranger Things 5 and the kids are all in their 30s when the show goes into production again, we’re totally fine with any of these animators finishing the series.

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