STRANGER THINGS’ Joe Keery Plays Ferris Bueller in Nostalgic Domino’s Ad

Joe Keery is quickly becoming a modern king of nostalgia. He starred in ’80s horror homage Stranger Things, his hair is decidedly and voluminously a throwback, and now, he’s taking the role of Ferris Bueller out for a spin. In a new ad campaign from Domino’s, Kerry plays the school-skipping hero but in slightly different circumstances. This time, pizza’s involved.

Keery’s version of Bueller still seems as smooth and mischievous as ever, but instead of beating his father home, he’s gotta get there in time to meet the Domino’s delivery guy. Aside from the pizza-centric changes, it’s a pretty faithful shot-for-shot recreation of Bueller’s famous race home. Check out the original and see for yourself:

Just as Matthew Broderick did 31 years ago, Keery gives his girl a smooch, hops the fence, cuts through backyards, and otherwise finds the shortest possible route to his destination. Probably the funniest moment of the new version is when Kerry runs past the sunbathing girls, only to return and introduce himself by saying, “Hey, I just, uh, I just ordered Domino’s.” A close second is the guest appearance from Alan Ruck, who played Cameron in the original movie.

Domino’s created another, shorter ad as well, in which Keery parodies Bueller’s opening monologue from the movie. His shower mohawk is significantly bigger than Bueller’s, and while it’s hard to top Broderick’s charm, Keery’s adaptation is a fun look back at a classic character.

Good on your for capitalizing on our collective love of nostalgia, Domino’s. Suddenly, we’re very hungry.

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Featured image: Domino’s

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