STRANGER THINGS Creators Say Finn Wolfhard Kept Dropping F-Bombs After IT

One of the most impressive aspects of Stranger Things is its impeccable casting. Success beyond the series has already found its way to  Finn Wolfhard, a.k.a. Mike Wheeler, who stars as motormouthed Richie in the recently released adaptation of Stephen King‘s It. Fame may not have gone to Finn’s head, but according to Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer, their young star did pick up a new habit between seasons of the show.

“He’s got a foul mouth,” said Matt Duffer as he was interviewed by Variety on the Emmy Awards red carpet. “After [Wolfhard] came back from shooting It–he did it before we shot season two–he was saying ‘f-bomb-ing’ everywhere. And I was like, ‘What happened to my innocent Finn Wolfhard?'”Matt’s brother Ross agreed (jokingly) that “It totally corrupted him,” though the pair did concede that Wolfhard is “still a great kid” whom they’re proud to see hit the big time, especially in a Stephen King movie. In Wolfhard’s defense, he did spend his summer surrounded by demonic clowns. We don’t think that anyone would come out of that without dropping a few coarse words! All kidding aside, we’re still very impressed by Wolfhard and his fellow Stranger Things cast members. And we’re definitely looking forward to the second season of the show, which is set to premiere on Friday, October 27.What do you think about Wolfhard’s new R-rated lingo? You can drop a few yourself in the comment section below!

Images: Netflix/Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

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