STRANGER THINGS Cast Pranks Visitors at Madame Tussauds

I have never understood the appeal of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the artistry that goes into creating its model collection of famous celebrities and politicians. From just a few feet away you’d swear up and down the figures are the actual, breathing people. From a purely technical standpoint they are genuinely amazing, and all of those photos of people posing with them look like silly fun. No, my issue is far less rational/far more insane – they are so lifelike they creep me the **** out. The mere thought of entering one of those exhibits makes me uneasy, because no one can convince me they won’t all spring to life, which is why I think the prank the Stranger Things cast and Jimmy Fallon just pulled on the museum’s visitors is as bad as visiting the Upside Down.

The show’s young cast members and Fallon (dressed as Barb with a beard) stood still in a new Stranger Things exhibit. As guests remarked how real all of the “wax models” looked, they were invited to take a photo. That’s when the kids sprung into action, producing some genuinely hilarious reactions of terror and disbelief.

Look, I don’t scare easy. Stranger Things doesn’t even really frighten me. But there’s just something about wax models that makes me freak out. So if someone dragged me against my will to this exhibit, I probably would have lost my mind when they came to life. I wouldn’t have even been excited after the fact like most of the people here; I would have demanded an apology. Individual apologies from everyone.

At least they didn’t have the Demogorgon model turn out to be someone in a costume though. Forget Barb, we would have needed justice for all of the people who dropped dead when that happened.

Featured Image: NBC

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