STRANGER THINGS’ Barb Can Be Your Next Halloween Costume Thanks to This Tutorial

Halloween‘s coming, guys, so if you haven’t started thinking about your costume, it’s time to get on the ball. Considering everyone’s obsession with  Stranger Things, which has the perfect Halloween vibes, there will probably be a lot of costumes out there this year inspired by the spooky series [spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet]. While you can bet on a handful of Eleven lookalikes, it stands to reason that we’ll also see a lot of people dressed up as the fan-favorite  Barb. So how can you stand out from the Barb-lovin’ crowd a bit while also paying homage to one of Indiana’s most under-appreciated heroes? By wearing one of the goriest, most disgusting costumes depicting her brutal death, obviously.

YouTube makeup artist Freakmo has created an amazing makeup tutorial showing you how to create a costume that depicts dead Barb in the Upside Down perfectly, right down to the nasty Demagorgon slug-thing in her mouth. While we only see a brief shot of Barb’s corpse in the show, Fractured FX, the special effects company that created Barb’s corpse, released a picture of the entire gory mess that was Barb’s body in the Upside Down. So while Freakmo gives you options to tone down the gore for your own dark tribute to everyone’s Stranger Things fave, she makes sure her tutorial has you ready for the grossest costume you can muster. Whether you’re up for a quick photo shoot or you’re gearing up for a Halloween party, Freakmo has the tools you’ll need to make sure no one ever ditches Barb at a party again.What do you think of the tutorial? Are you going to try it this Halloween? Tell us your Stranger Things costume plans in the comments!

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