STRANGER THINGS 4 Will Debut in 2022

Something’s coming… and it’s almost here. It’s felt like 84 years since the finale of Stranger Things 3 and its epic showdown at the mall that left Eleven without her powers. The ending was a heartbreaker as our young crew got split up after the Byers (and Eleven) left Hawkins to move somewhere new. We’ve known that season 4 was coming for a while but with the world in shambles, it wasn’t clear when. Now, we have a clearer picture. Netflix dropped a teaser revealing that Stranger Things 4 will drop sometime in 2022.

The date is not clear yet. And it is hard to guess when it will return based on the past. The first three seasons all dropped at different times of the year. But, for now, we can hold onto the few snippets that we have gotten from teasers, including this one. Sure, it starts out giving us a flashback at classic moments. But then we hear Mike saying that something is coming and it’s almost here.

Then we see very late ‘80s-looking government officials holding Eleven, whose hair is even longer now. So that means this season is going real deal global. We see Hopper with a shaved head as he likely attempts to escape that Russian facility he’s at. And, thank god, the crew is back together again to figure out what’s next.

photo of eleven from stranger things 4 being held captive by an older man in a grey suit and mustache


Dad Steve is still wearing his work uniform and Robin is a cheerleader. There’s also the rolling of dice and the kids back on their bikes again. It’s rather funny to see at this point considering they are pretty much adults in real life now. Time and growing up are both weird.

This Stranger Things 4 news is just enough to encourage us to take a step back in time and watch the first three seasons again in all their glory.

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