Even the most ardent D&D players can’t spend their entire summer vacation in their parents’ basement. But when your town is overrun by both monsters from the Upside Down and evil government agents, where can a bunch of super cool young people go to beat the heat? Where all preteens go—the mall! And a new promo for Stranger Things‘ third season introduces us to hippest new shopping center in Hawkins, which might hint at the dawn of a new type of terror for the town.

This new retro-style commercial welcomes shoppers to the brand new Starcourt Mall, which features popular ’80s stores like Sam Goody, The Gap, and Waldenbooks. However, we’re most excited to spend some time and money at Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream shop, where our favorite well-coifed, Demogorgon fighting teenager is scooping up excitement for his job alongside his new cast member played by Maya Hawke.

You can’t place a horror story in a mall without drawing comparisons to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and with Stranger Things that means we should definitely expect an homage to the zombie classic next season. Does that point to a new type of monster to fight? Maybe, but at the very least it indicates the show will be leaving the school setting behind for some summer time fun/terror.

This would also seem to confirm season three is still a ways away, and might not air until next summer. So we all better get ready to kill some time waiting for it.

Anyone want to meet at the mall and talk about this promo?

What do you think this promo means for the new season? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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