This Stop Motion Video Shows You Can Dance Without Actually Moving

Ryan Higa is a real OG YouTuber: He started uploading videos in 2006, and became one of the site’s first popular personalities. He’s been active ever since then, and over the years, he’s made videos about a variety of topics, and they all have one thing in common: If they involve dancing in any way, Higa isn’t super good at it. That’s not me disparaging him, as it’s something he admits himself in his latest video: “If you’ve been watching this channel long enough, or if you happen to know me personally in real life, you would probably know by now that one of my biggest weaknesses in life is that, well… I can’t dance.”

What he decided to do, instead of simply learning how to dance like any of us would do, is he figured out a way to dance without moving: stop-motion video (via Boing Boing). With the help of a few assistants in black full-body suits, Higa, without moving a muscle, is positioned into a position, a photo is taken, then he’s moved, and so on and so forth, all to make it look like he’s pulling off some pretty slick moves. Stop-motion also gives Higa the power to manipulate his environment, his stomach, and the laws of physics in ways that aren’t super possible in reality.

He also uploaded a 14-minute behind the scenes video if you want to learn more about what went into the making of his workaround to actual dancing:

What else would you like to see Higa give a shot, albeit in a roundabout way like this? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

Featured image: nigahiga/YouTube

More fun with animation:

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