STEVEN UNIVERSE Season Finale Teaser Shows a Glimpse at the Diamond Battle to Come

I’d be lying if I said the Steven Universe theme wasn’t already in my head before I stumbled upon Thursday morning’s surprise teaser for the animated series’ forthcoming climactic episode, “Battle of Heart and Mind.” Though we only just reunited with Steven and the Crystal Gems in mid-December, the end of our time with them fast approaches, as does Steven’s ultimate showdown with the tyrannical White Diamond and her thousand-carat cabal. Of course, he’ll have to shed his watermelon form and return to the Homeworld with Bismuth in tow before any of this can take way, but Steven’s handled tougher tasks before.

Though we’ll be sad to see the series leave us again, and possibly for good (though there is word of a movie coming down the pike), we’re excited for the ultimate showdown in the name of taking down the gemstone caste system and relinquishing the non-Diamond-level Crystal Gems to the joys and perils of their own free will. This abridged semi-season’s past few episodes have been pretty stellar, and what’s more diverse in form—we delighted in both the details-heavy Christmas Eve and New Years Eve releases, ditto the almost entirely silent (and aptly named) January 7 episode “Escapism.” (Justice for Watermelon Dog, though.)And though we might be bidding adieu to Steven and co. once more, at least we’ll have a sizable sendoff to keep us sated for a while. “Battle of Heart and Mind” will actually comprise four normal-sized episodes, running about 45 minutes when it releases on January 21. Get excited!

Image: Cartoon Network

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