Steampunk Horror Heads for the Stars in SUNLESS SKIES

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Four years ago, Failbetter Games launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for Sunless Sea, a steampunk horror computer game set in the Fallen London universe.  Now, Failbetter Games have started a new crowdfunding initiative for a follow up game, Sunless Skies, and it’s already blown past its initial  goals.

While Sunless Skies shares the universe and thematic similarities to Sunless Sea, it acts as a standalone title. Like it’s predecessor, Sunless Skies is a 2D RPG for PC, Mac and Linux. Both games are set in an alternate world where technology has allowed Queen Victoria to lead the British Empire into new era of conquest after literally taking London into the heavens. It falls upon the player to continue the expansion of the empire as the captain of “a spacefaring locomotive” who will be tasked to “stake your claim, fight to survive, speak to storms, murder a sun, [and] face judgement.”

The projected completion date of this game is May 2018, but backers can get a digital copy of Sunless Skies for as little as £15 (Failbetter Games is based out of the UK, hence the pounds instead of dollars). For £30, fans can actually get a credit in the game as well as digital copies of the soundtrack and a digital book that explores the lore behind the game. Other higher end rewards for backers include T-shirts and the ability to name one of the neutral ships or geographical features in the game.

While the Failbetter team initially asked for over $124,000 to fund Sunless Skies, that goal has been nearly doubled as of the publication of this article. The Kickstarter campaign will continue until Friday, March 3. To contribute to the project or to learn more about it,  visit the campaign page.

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Image Credits: Failbetter Games

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