STARGATE COMMAND Lets You Stream Every STARGATE Episode and Film

Twenty years ago,  Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin‘s Stargate came to television with the original series, Stargate: SG-1. From there, the show had an incredible ten season run, as well as two spinoff series and two direct-to-DVD movies. Now, every single live-action installment of Stargate has been brought together in Stargate Command, a new streaming service that will chart the past and the future of the franchise.Earlier this week, we were given a demonstration of the new Stargate Command website and mobile app, to see what it had to offer. The easiest way to describe it is to say that it’s like a Netflix devoted entirely to Stargate. Fans are given the option to watch the three Stargate movies, as well as every single episode of Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. That’s 17 seasons worth of content, so that should keep you busy for a while. However, Stargate Command isn’t simply a streaming service. Instead, it’s meant to be a hub for the Stargate fandom to come together and interact with each other. During the demo, we were shown the forums, polls, and even quizzes that called upon fans to test their Stargate knowledge. Having taken one of those quizzes, we can admit that it’s not as easy as you might think. It was a pretty deep dive into the mythology and trivia. You may want to closely watch all 380 episodes if you want the best shot at acing the tests! And what’s the incentive for the polls and the quizzes? The most active fans are assigned Stargate Command ranks, which go all the way up to Ascension level. As far as we can tell, that’s largely for bragging rights. But that will probably inspire a healthy competition. You should know that there are two tiers of membership for Stargate Command. Everyone who uses the app or the website will be allowed to engage the Stargate community through the previously mentioned polls, quizzes, and forums, while also following updates for Stargate Origins, the upcoming original series that is currently in production. However, the ability to watch the films and TV shows is limited to the All Access fans who sign up and pay the one time fee of $20; which will provide the users with access through the middle of May 2018. There are definitely some enticing reasons to sign up for the All Access membership. For starters, there’s going to be extensive access to the Stargate Origins creative team as it goes through production, including “a virtual seat in the writers’ room at various points in the scripting process, and an authentic, limited-edition digital version of the Stargate Origins pilot shooting script.” Of course, All Access members will also get to watch every episode of Stargate Origins when the series premieres.Stargate Command is launching today on iOS, Android, and the official site at do you think about Stargate Command? Open the Iris of your thoughts in the comment section below!

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