STARDEW VALLEY Is Now a Board Game

It doesn’t matter how many farms I’ve started in Stardew Valley; I’m always game for choosing a new plot of land and settling into my routine. It’s soothing to me and endlessly playable in a way no other video game has been. And now I can enjoy my beloved farming sim in a new fashion: as a board game! Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone shared on Tuesday afternoon that he’s been working on this version of his game for over two and a half years with board game designer Cole Medeiros.

The Stardew Valley board game is cooperative, so all the players work together. Your goal: to protect the Valley from the evil Joja Corporation. One to four players will work together through a full year in the game. Barone stated they brought all the elements from the video game they could to this tabletop version: villagers, crops, fishing, mining, etc.

There is a way to build relationships, but as it’s a board game, you won’t get any of the terrific and often random-as-hell cut scenes that the video game brings. However, I think all the game’s resources will work wonderfully for this iteration. And the goals for each play through are randomized so you won’t get bored of multiple games.

Image of Stardew Valley board game

Stardew Valley Shop

The brightness and playfulness of Stardew Valley‘s design definitely comes through in the game board and all the tiles. As you might guess from all the pieces visible in the image and the trailer, it’s not a simple game. But Stardew Valley is more complex than many people give it credit for, so that fits.

And the best part of this news is that the game’s available right now. You don’t have to mess around with a pre-order. You can buy your copy from the Stardew Valley shop.

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