STAR WARS X-Wing Beds Will Let You Sleep Among the Stars

For over 40 years, the X-Wing fighters have captured the imagination of Star Wars fans. For many people, piloting one of those ships would be a dream come true. But if you can’t own a X-Wing, then perhaps sleeping alongside one will be the next best thing.

Via Geek Alerts, the hardest of the hardcore fans can now buy a Star Wars X-wing Twin Bookcase Bed; which is separated by a recreation of the T-65 X-Wing that Luke Skywalker flew on his Death Star run. It’s even got its own R2-D2 in there, along with other faithfully recreated details.

To be honest, these twin beds are probably best suited for young siblings, or perhaps a very geeky couple on a trial separation. There’s not going to be a lot of physical interaction with the X-Wing dividing the bed. On the plus side, the lower wings of the ship can serve as book shelves or a display area for appropriate collectibles. And there are also drawers beneath the beds that can be used for more practical storage. Or the drawers can be another place for Star Wars collectibles. We’re not gonna judge!

Those bed sheets are also very eye-catching, with a beautiful design made to look like the stars in a vast universe. We’d be tempted to buy this for the aesthetic alone, but fair warning: it is not cheap. The left and right twin beds are $488 separately, or they can be purchased as a package for $1,088.

The Star Wars X-wing Twin Bookcase Bed is being sold via Rooms To Go, but it’s availability may depend upon your location.

What do you think about this X-Wing themed bed? Stay on target and share your thoughts below!

Images: Rooms to Go

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