STAR WARS VS. HARRY POTTER Fan Video Gives Us The Force Against Magic

The age-old nerd question used to always be “ Star Wars or Star Trek?” But that’s not really a fair rivalry in my opinion. None of the main characters in Star Trek have borderline magic powers, and tons of the characters in Star Wars have access to the Force, which is basically space magic. A much better fight to see would be characters from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World vs. the Jedi and Sith of the Star Wars universe. But just where would such a battle go down?

If your guess was “on a suburban British street,” then you’re 100 percent correct.

A group of fans over on the YouTube channel The Racka Racka created their own version of Star Wars vs. Harry Potter, and the results are pretty darn hilarious. It is “most impressive” as Vader once said. The best part of this whole endeavor is seeing how much time and energy was spent on getting the special effects right, and then totally just going full on Halloween Store with the costuming. One assumes this was all on purpose, but it makes the whole video even more comical in the end.

This latest Star Wars vs. Harry Potter video is actually the second one this channel has made. Racka Racka made a smaller scale Star Wars vs. Harry Potter video over five years ago. And by “smaller scale,” I mean they just trashed the inside of their own home and a little bit of the front and back yards.

This newer video takes things to a whole new level, and with a much large cast of characters to boot. Ever wanted to see Voldemort take on Darth Vader? Hermione Granger take down a TIE Fighter? Then they’ve got you covered. Considering how they chose to end this latest video, I’m not sure where they could take a third one. But I know I still want to see it. Maybe Star Wars vs. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings to up the ante?

Image: The Racka Racka

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