What Kylo Ren’s New Look Means for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

Next week at Star Wars Celebration, we may finally see the first trailer for The Last Jedi. Thanks to the Star Wars merchandise machine, we’ve already gotten a glimpse of the new looks for Rey, Finn, and Poe, but what about Kylo Ren? The First Order’s perpetually angry darksider is also due for an upgrade, and today’s Nerdist News is examining the implications of Kylo Ren’s new look in The Last Jedi.Fair warning, there are potential spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This your last chance to turn back before Kylo unleashes his lightsaber on a defenseless control console. Join host and chronicler of the Sith, Jessica Chobot, as she breaks down the latest word from Making Star Wars. Those usually reliable rumor mavens have released more info about Kylo’s appearance in the sequel, as well as some mock-up art based on those descriptions. The most immediate change is that Kylo’s half cape is out, and he’s taking his Darth Vader cosplay to the next level with a full length cape. Who knows? It may even be Darth Vader’s actual cape, if it didn’t burn up on the forest moon of Endor.Kylo’s facial scarring from his battle with Rey is also rumored to be prominently featured, and he is also said to have a new helmet in the film. Now that he’s killed his father and firmly chosen a dark path, we’re thinking that redemption is off the table for General Leia’s only son.But Kylo Ren isn’t the only member of the First Order rockin’ the upgrades. The current report from Making Star Wars also features artwork of the Executioner Stormtroopers who will be accompanying Captain Phasma on her search for the Rebels. We’ve already seen Stormtroopers carry out orders to kill innocent civilians in The Force Awakens. Executioner Stormtroopers sound like a dangerous escalation of violence against the First Order’s subjects, which suggests that it may become an even darker version of the Empire it sought to emulate.What do you think about the latest word on Kyle Ren and the First Order? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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