STAR WARS Spinoffs Crossover Event May Be ‘Very Real’ in MANDALORIAN Time Period

Some time ago, Kathleen Kennedy teased a big Star Wars spinoffs series crossover event to culminate The Mandalorian. But there hasn’t been much movement on that front that we’ve seen. Since, Jon Favreau has noted that The Mandalorian could “go on and on” telling stories indefinitely. But even if The Mandalorian doesn’t come to a stop with a big event, a Star Wars spinoff crossover remains very possible, according to The Mandalorian executive producer Dave Filoni.

Skeleton Crew, Mandalorian, Ahsoka could come together in star wars spinoff event (1)

Filoni spoke to The Wrap about heading toward “a climactic story event” in the world of the Disney+ Star Wars series. He noted:

It’s an interesting way to think about it. I tend to think, as we’ve been working on the The Mandalorian and then writing Ahsoka, and then Jon Watts came in with Skeleton Crew, there is an entire time period that is post-Return of the Jedi. And I look at that time period, which before The Force Awakens, is around 30 years of time. When you look at the original trilogy, it’s a much less significant amount of time that those three movies take place in. And so, what I like is that we’re really building very slowly an ecosystem of characters and politics and events in the post-Return of the Jedi time period. And that may or may not expand in a bigger way as we add more shows to it and add more characters to it.

The good thing is that we’re all talking creatively together about where these stories are all going. And I love whiteboards, and I whiteboard everything and have timelines. They always start back with The Phantom Menace and they always go out to The Rise of Skywalker. I have all these slots in between and where everybody’s doing everything, so I can look at it all and commiserate with Kathy [Kennedy] on what’s going on here, what’s going on there? It’s very fun.

Grogu looks awed as he pears out of a ship on The Mandalorian season 3

From a story perspective, it would be fascinating to see all these newly built strands come together. And luckily, Filoni sounds like he agrees. He concludes his thought by saying:

I think that the reality of there being a big event in this time period is very real, is all I would say to that. But yes, if Jon [Favreau] wanted to keep making Mandalorian stories, as long as he does not get bumped off in said titanic event, then they, I suppose, could continue. There doesn’t seem to be any lack of interest in Grogu and Mando, that’s for sure.

In sum, it sounds like we can have our Star Wars cake and eat it too. We might see a big crossover event, more of The Mandalorian… And maybe more “titanic” or, some might say mythosaur-sized, crossover events after that.

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