SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Enlists the Fitting Tie-in Product of Solo Cups

For as long as there’s been Star Wars, there’s been Star Wars tie-in merchandise. Most of our childhoods were filled with Star Wars-related products ranging from C-3PO’s cereal (yes, it was a real thing) to Death Star waffle makers to a Jar-Jar Binks candy tongue. It got so out of hand that the late, great Carrie Fisher famously lamented all the things Princess Leia’s face was plastered on, from shampoo bottles to Pez dispensers.

But there has never been a more obvious Star Wars product tie-in then the ones that are coming out in a few months. According to io9, Disney/Lucasfilm and Solo are teaming up to make  Solo: A Star Wars Story-branded Solo cups. Because of course they are. It was very recently that fans online were actually asking for this to happen, as evidenced by the tweet down below, so to those fans: your wishes have been granted.

Of course, there will be a ton of other Solo-branded items, because this is Star Wars we are talking about here after all. But this is the one that has everyone tickled at the moment. And it is pretty fitting, since the working title for Solo: A Star Wars Story was actually “Red Cup.” Given that, they had to do something.

Right now, we have zero in the way of any images or actual information on what Solo-themed items Solo will be unleashing upon grocery stores the world over in the weeks before the movie’s May 25 release. Will all the main characters get their own cup? And can they maybe look as cool as these fan-made ones in the tweet down below? Fingers crossed.

Will you be purchasing some Solo Solo cups? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm

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