This STAR WARS Sleeve Took 20 Months to Complete

Full sleeve tattoos are a serious commitment for many reasons, not the least of which is the time it takes to get them. Matt and his tattoo artist spent almost 20 months working on the epic Star Wars sleeve at the heart of today’s Inked Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, Matt is a lifelong Star Wars fan; His second ever tattoo was a Rebel Alliance symbol. For this more recent piece of art, Matt started with his favorite character, Boba Fett.

Zac suggested incorporating the ships and making the Death Star a centerpiece and to include the Luke and Vader duel silhouette. Matt said, “Instead of non-descript planets, we incorporated images of Tatooine (and its two suns), Yavin 4, Naboo, and Mustafar to make it even more legit. I wanted the Kirby-esque space background as I plan to use the same background in my Marvel sleeve which I hope to start on next year.”I can’t wait to see the Marvel sleeve, but let’s start with Star Wars:

Star Wars sleeve | Source: Matt, inked by Zac Fawcett at Trademark Tattoo

To see all the elements in Matt’s detailed Star Wars sleeve, visit the gallery below for more angles. If you want to see more of the tattoo artist’s work, you can view Zac’s tattoo history on Instagram.

If you have nerdy ink on your skin or you’re a tattoo artist that applies pop culture, STEM, music, or other nerd-inspired ink (tl;dr: I want to see basically all the tattoos) on a regular basis, then please hit me up because I’d like to highlight you in a future Inked Wednesday gallery. You can get in touch with me via email at [email protected]. Send me photos of the tattoos you’d like me to feature (the higher resolution, the better) and don’t forget to let me know the name of your tattoo artist if you have it, as well the name of the shop he or she works out of. If you are the tattoo artist, give me links to your portfolios and/or Instagram accounts so I can share them with our readers.

Images: Courtesy of Matt Bib

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