STAR WARS Series Chronicled in Stop-Motion LEGO Tribute

The Rise of Skywalker didn’t just end Star Wars‘ sequel trilogy; it concluded a story that began over 40 years ago when the first film debuted in theaters in 1977. George Lucas’ sci-fi epic changed the course of Hollywood and pop culture forever, uniting generations of fans along the way. And now it has united some very talented people to create one of the best Star Wars tribute videos ever made. All nine episodes of the Skywalker Family Saga got their very own stop-motion LEGO tribute.

It’s a reminder of just how much the franchise means to so many. And also how much we love LEGO.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in LEGO! project was produced by Lewis Townley with Jared Van Bever. Nine different teams of creators each contributed a video for each of the franchise’s episodes, starting with The Phantom Menace through The Rise of Skywalker. You can find the full list of contributors on the video’s YouTube page.

If these were merely static recreations, it would still be a beautiful tribute. But the stop-motion animation and attention to detail really brings these videos to life. Seeing a character’s hair “move” in the breeze shouldn’t be that cool, but it is. However, some of our favorite shots feature almost no movement at all. Luke Skywalker staring off to the horizon will always give us goosebumps. Even when he’s a LEGO mini-fig.

STAR WARS Skywalker Saga Gets Fanmade 9 Episode LEGO Tribute_1Brickfilm Day

These videos have already caught the attention of some very famous  Star Wars alums. The Last Jedi‘s director Rian Johnson was also blown away by it.

And Mark Hamill also gave the project a big thumbs up.

We might not all agree on which Star Wars movies are the best. But this LEGO tribute is a great way to build off fans’ shared loved of the franchise.

Featured Image: Brickfilm Day

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