STAR WARS Showed Their Love for Rose Tico at Comic-Con

It’s a strange time in the Star Wars fandom.

There’s never been more to celebrate, with new films coming out every year, a brand new canon of books and comics and games to explore, and the return of the beloved animated series The Clone Wars. But there’s also a tinge of ugliness, as harassment campaigns have been launched at the creators and actors, including the tweeting firestorm often directed at The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, and the cruel Instagram bullying actress Kelly Marie Tran endured. But when darkness rises in the Star Wars fandom, light rises to meet it, and this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the Force was strong with a group of cosplaying Rose Tico supporters, who showed up in costume to spread the love for Tran’s character.

The meet-up, called the #RallyForRose, was organized by Nerds of Color, a website and fan community founded by Keith Chow and dedicated to fans who are less represented in media.

In addition to costumes, some fans wore t-shirts with Obama-style campaign logos featuring Rose’s face instead of the former president’s, and the word “Rose” instead of “hope.” But really, what’s the difference, since Rose’s entire message in The Last Jedi–to not fight what you hate, but to save what you love–is exactly what the #RallyForRose was trying to inspire.

The rally gained the approval of both Rian Johnson and Mark Hamill, who has been vocally supportive of the actress since her Instagram departure in June. “What’s not to love?” he tweeted then, and again after the rally.

We hope, wherever she is, that Tran was able to feel the love pouring out of Comic-Con. It was truly evidence of the Force.

Image: Lucasfilm

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