Three Insane STAR WARS Origami Tutorials to Help You Learn the Ways of the Fold

If you’re going to learn the ways of the Fold, whether you intend to follow the darkness or the light, you’ll doubtlessly want a good teacher to lead you on your path. You’ll want to follow somebody who could aptly be described as the Yoda of origami. In other words, somebody like YouTuber Tadashi Mori, the man who forces the art of folding paper to bend to his will. Also, he makes nice flowers.

In celebration of the blending of Star Wars and origami, as well as a master of his craft, here are three of Mori’s craziest folds from a galaxy far far away…1. Mori’s latest full instructional video centers around one of his own creations, which is a take on the classic stormtrooper. The video is about 33:00 minutes in length, so as long as you don’t mess up a single fold, that’s how long the process should take you. Although the chances of some people not messing up a single fold may be on par with stormtroopers hitting anything smaller than Jabba’s big ol’ booty.

2. Mori’s other Dark Side delight is none other than Darth Vader. Vader is an “intermediate difficulty” fold, so if you’re a Padawan who’s just getting into paperfolding, this one may be relatively easy compared to the others. (Also, look at that little lightsaber!)

3. If you’ve chosen the Light Side in your pursuit of the Fold, you can go with Mori’s version of the 12-parsec wreck, the Galactic Falcon Punch!, the great light-speed plate, the Millennium Falcon. Which incidentally also makes a great shape for a tool or a bed or pretty much anything but an actual spaceship.

What do you think of Mori’s folds? Will you dare to take on origami Vader, or are you afraid that fold will do to you what regular Vader does to his enemies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Tadashi Mori

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