Amazing Mural Pays Tribute to 40 Years Of STAR WARS

Over the last several years, we’ve seen some pretty impressive Star Wars fan art, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Well, now we have one for you that absolutely qualifies in the “sublime” category. Thanks to io9, we’ve learned about an artist named James Raiz, who goes by the moniker “ The Box Office Artist” on YouTube. Raiz has made tons of intricate drawings based on popular films over the years, including Marvel, Transformers, and more.

And his Star Wars work is the stuff of legend.

Back in mid-2017, Raiz decided he was going to attempt what would be his magnum opus—a tribute piece to the entire Star Wars saga, in which he included every single character who appeared in all (up to that point) eight live-action films. The entire endeavor took 450 hours spread over seven months to do. He finally finished the mural at the end of last year, and the results are nothing less than jaw dropping.

Starting with A New Hope and finishing out with Rogue One, Raiz made two videos chronicling his making of this mural. One, showing a time-lapse video of the entire process of making this piece from start to finish, and the other giving a behind the scenes account on what motivated him to attempt this in the first place. At the end of one of the videos, he said he hoped to include a new addition to the piece featuring the characters from The Last Jedi soon. Although Raiz has yet to finish that new addition, after seeing this amazing mural, we can officially say that we can’t wait.

Are you as blown away by this Star Wars mural as we are? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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Images: James Raiz

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