Bandai’s New STAR WARS Model Kits are Crazy-Detailed

It would appear, much to the surprise of nobody, that Bandai‘s line of insanely detailed Star Wars model kits (that can be put together by anyone from amateur to expert) was a success. Who’d have thought, right? And you know what that means: more! Toy Fair’s coming in a couple of weeks, but Bandai’s U.S. distributors at Bluefin couldn’t wait, so they want you to check out every little detail right now.The second wave includes a 1/72 scale Y-wing, TIE fighter, and Darth Vader’s TIE advance; 1/48 scale Snowspeeder and AT-ST Scout Walker; and 1/144 AT-AT, Slave I, and Millennium Falcon (Episode VII version).  Each vehicle kit is sold separately, and some of the special features include choices of alternate canopies, moving parts, detailed display bases, laser effects (I believe the technical term is “pewpewpews”), and more! Check out the tiny li’l Boba Fett and frozen Han in the image above to really appreciate the level of detail and thought put into this.And this AT-AT may be the first ever toy version that can be posed in the slumped forward position post-tripping. (!!!)Best of all, Bandai’s color-injection molding process means you don’t have to paint these kits if you don’t want to; if you’ve never put together a kit before, you can enjoy them just as much as the customizers who will want to add their own additional details. They do recommend you buy a nipper or sprue-cutter to fully separate the pieces from the frame, but no glue is required.Check out the extensive gallery below for all the minute detail each vehicle sports. Prices range from $28 (TIE) to $50 (the Falcon), and the instructions will be printed in English for the American market. They’ll be released throughout the months of March and April.Are you ready to play with Star Wars in a whole new way? What vehicles should they do next? Give us a comment below and tell us your faves.

Images: Bluefin/Bandai

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