STAR WARS Meets MOANA When Luke Skywalker Sings “You’re Welcome”

The Force Awakens ended with a look at a weary, serious Luke Skywalker. He has the appearance of a man who’s seen some stuff, to put it mildly. I want to give him all the hugs. But maybe there’s another side to Luke–a hidden, cheerful side that might welcome his new pal Rey to Ahch-To with a song? Imagine him telling Rey, “You’re Welcome” in the Star Wars and Moana crossover you didn’t know you needed. Yes, it’s a thing.


“What can I say except you’re welcome, For that Death Star I blew from the sky…”
To be fair, he does deserve a little credit for that one.

This adorable and catchy parody came about because of the beautiful combination of fandom and social media. Tumblr user Charles wrote the opening lyrics as a prediction for the opening of The Last Jedi. Next, artist Ashley created an illustration to go with those words. Then, YouTuber Over English Man picked up the baton and wrote the rest of the song and performed it. Finally, a Twitter pal brought it to my attention.

The art and lyrics that sparked the idea for this delightful cover of the Moana tune:

See?! On occasion, the internet can be so much more than a hive of scum and villainy. It can be a place where fans connect and create bizarre yet lovely art together. And thank Greedo for that.

Have you ever put a Star Wars spin a Disney song? Share your lyrics in the comments!

Images: Disney and Lucasfilm

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