STAR WARS’ Luke and Leia Fly a Levitating Speeder Bike Through NYC

It’s officially Halloween! While most of us did our celebrating over the weekend, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the spooky season just yet. To help you keep enjoying the seasonal spirit, we have a video of a couple dressed as Luke and Leia riding around New York City on a levitating speeder bike. It’s nothing short of delightful and super impressive. Take a look:

Laughing Squid tipped us off to this video of Jesse Wellens and Carmella Rose making everyone’s day in NYC infinitely better with their Nerdoween whimsy. And while their Luke and Leia costumes are spot-on, the real impressive thing here is the levitating speeder.

Apparently, the contraption was a custom-made speeder bike from Lithium Cycles. Casey Neistat vlogged about the whole affair, giving us all a glimpse into the making of the epic speeder.

Wellen’s Instagram also gives a bit of a better glimpse at how they created the optical illusion of a levitating speeder. Essentially, Lithium used strategically-placed mirrors to hide the wheels and give viewers the impression that there was empty space beneath the machine.

If you want to see a video highlighting the nitty-gritty aspects of this speeder build, you can check out the video posted by Super 73. The finished speeder is nothing short of impressive and is absolutely our Halloween Couples Costume Goals.

What do you think of the costume? Did you get to see the speeder racing through NYC? What are some other awesome Halloween costumes that you’ve seen this year? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Jesse Wellens/Instagram

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