Everything We Know About STAR WARS JEDI: SURVIVOR

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order first introduced us to the playable world of Cal Kestis and his journey to become a Jedi in the face of many Imperial dangers. Now, Cal is back in the sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and he’s all grown up. The game promises even more intricate worlds and epic battles, so get your gaming fingers stretched and ready to go. It’s time to wield those lightsabers.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Star Wars game.


This sequel game to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s Plot and Gameplay

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis and droid

Cal Kestis is back, and he has a beard to boot. The logline for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor actually tells us quite a bit about the game. Here’s what the synopsis shares.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™, as Cal continues to grow as a Jedi and evade the Empire’s constant pursuit. With trusty companion BD-1 by his side, he joins forces with new and old allies to aid him on his quest, including the mercenary Bode Akuna (Noshir Dalal) and former crew member Cere Junda (Debra Wilson). With new traversal options such as an ascension cable to reach new heights and the ability to tame and ride creatures, Cal has many ways to navigate the perils he will face as he explores both familiar and new worlds across the galaxy. 

A bearded Cal Kestis with BD-1 on his shoulder in an image from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Respawn Entertainment/EA/Lucasfilm Games

So it’s still hard times out there for a Jedi. But Star Wars Jedi: Survivor promises a more evolved and mature game, as Cal Kestis leaves behind the life of a Padawan to embrace his role as a full-blown Jedi Knight. The game promises many exciting new environments, skills, abilities, and, of course, enemies. You can get a taste of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fun with its full trailer.

As well as its story trailer, which delves further into the core of the game.

Most recently, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor revealed some of the enemies that Cal and the player will face via IGN. Mostly, these consist of Droids, but there are troopers and other elite enemies in the mix. Here’s how they break down:

B1 Droids: These are the weakest enemy you’ll face in the game. But they sound like they have hilarious dialogue.

B2 Droids: These Star Wars Jedi: Survivor droids are tough. They take damage well and deal it out with their blasters and missile launchers. But with experience, you can take them down.

BX Droids: These droids are speedy and they’ll give you the run-around. Their weapon of choice is said to be a vibro sword. But you’ll be fairly well-matched against them.

Droideka: These funny-looking droids appeared in the Star Wars prequels. This Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enemy like to roll and have a bubble shield, so have fun getting around that in a fight.

IG-100 Magna Guard: These fellas are General Grievous’ bodyguards. They’re described as a “superior elite” type of enemy and can fight offensively, defensively, and in weird rhythms.

Shield Trooper: Who doesn’t love having a built-in shield? These Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enemies certainly do. These enemies will make you get creative with your attacks. Use the Force, as they say.

DT Sentry Droid: This Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enemy does not look happy to see you. And you shouldn’t feel glad to see it either. This bruising droid comes equipped with a variety of different weapons. You never know what you’ll get, so watch out.

KX Security Droid Enforcer: You met this droid in Fallen Order, but now it has a stun baton. Watch out for this brawler type enemy.


As far as features and gameplay go, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is officially getting one feature that fans have requested for a while. In this Star Wars Jedi game, players will be able to “fast travel.” This means that they can automatically travel to a location without literally having to start from the beginning of a world to get somewhere they’d like to go. Players will also have rideable mounts that will allow them to more easily explore in between specific locations.

Additionally, the game will have several difficulty modes, which we saw via GameSpot: Story Mode, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master. These escalate in difficulty, variables impacted include parry time, enemy aggressiveness, and enemy damage.

Other gameplay modifiers include “a camera option for auto-targeting, button mash options, hold/pull toggles, and navigation assist, including audio pings.” Additionally, the game will have a new feature called Slow Mode where players can choose to slow down parts of the game. There will also be an option to create shortcuts for different features.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s Voice Cast

Most notably, Cameron Monaghan returns to voice Cal Kestis in the game. Debra Wilson will also return to voice Cere Junda.

Noshir Dalal will join the voice cast as the new character of Bode Akuna. Who, according to Monaghan, is ” a new ally to Cal, and they have a really great dynamic. They’re like brothers in arms who have similar trajectories in their life and have up to this point made some different decisions along the way, but I think they have a mutual respect and understanding for each other.” We’re excited to see the two working together.

Cal and his new ally Bode from Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Behind the Scenes

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes from developer Respawn Entertainment, it was also developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. Electronic Arts will publish the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s Release Date and Cost

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was set to release in March. But now we’ll all have to wait a little longer to play.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will now release on April 28, 2023. It will be available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. The game will cost $69.99 for its standard edition. And $89.99 for its Deluxe version.

Originally published on March 20, 2023.

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