300 Jedi Decimate 60,000 Medieval Footmen in This Battle Simulator

The battles of yore would have moved along at a speedier clip if one side had Jedi Knights playing for their team. Lightsabers and handy Force abilities can turn the tide of war if the Jedi numbers are large enough. YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ put the scenario to the test by using Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to create a not so Star Wars encounter between 300 Jedi and 60,000 medieval footmen. As it turns out, metal armor is absolutely no match for the effect of a lightsaber.

This face-off came to our attention via io9 and is worthy of your precious time. If you only want to see the big battle, skip to about the 17 minute mark, but if you want to see all the tests leading up to the showdown, carve out time for the entire video.

While I know the Jedi jumping into action this way doesn’t exactly follow their guidelines or Jedi code, I did see them dismember a whole lot of battle droids in the Clone Wars. And also, a simulation like this isn’t about reality or staying on brand–there are Jedi wielding red lightsabers. It’s pure fun. I find it satisfying to watch all the glowing lightsabers push back the line of enemy forces bit by bit.

Maybe the Jedi aren’t your thing. Don’t worry, SergiuHellDragoonHQ has a plethora of Star Wars and other strategy game simulations on his channel. For example, watch a fleet of AT-ATs take on a herd of rancors.

Do you think cavalry would last longer against so many Jedi? Tell me your predictions in the comments.

Featured Image: SergiuHellDragoonHQ

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