What Will STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Be Called?

It’s wild out here in Star Wars speculation land!

We’re about ten months away from the release of the “final film” in the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Episode IX, and news is sparse. We know Anthony Daniels and BB-8 have wrapped filming, that John Boyega hasn’t, and that a lot of our favorite TV stars have joined the cast. We also know J.J. Abrams is directing and that he is the secrecy master, which is why this dry spell feels especially long. But February seems super late for a title reveal. We got The Force Awakens‘ title more than a year before its premiere, and The Last Jedi‘s the January before its December release.

So what’s the hold up? It could be a few things. The other two titles were released after filming had wrapped, and Episode IX is still going. Disney also has Avengers: Endgame to deal with first. It’s also possible Abrams is holding out until Star Wars Celebration, the galactic fan event happening in Chicago this April, where a trailer is sure to debut. Endgame‘s trailer also served as a title announcement for that movie, so maybe that’s Disney’s new thing.

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Of course, it hasn’t stopped the internet from going crazy with speculation. After Anthony Daniels posted an ominous “news is on the horizon” type tweet yesterday, and after even the TCL Chinese Theatre started posting tantalizing hints as well, Episode IX title speculation has gone into overdrive.

Star Wars EPISODE 9 Title leaks….. from r/movies

Over on Reddit, one user claims the title has leaked already–from where, I can’t seem to tell–and that it’s called Balance of the Force. That’s not a bad title, but it’s far from confirmed. On Twitter, people aren’t insisting there’s been a leak so much as having fun going crazy with their own dream titles, both serious and not so serious.

Whole threads of fun speculation have also sprung up.

We don’t know when a real title will be released, but for now, we’re just happy for this fun moment in time when we still can speculate on Skywalker saga films. This sort of thing won’t last forever. It’s a magical time to be alive.

Images: Disney/Lucasfilm

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