Kick Back and Relax on a STAR WARS Dewback Sofa

You have Star Wars collectibles, Star Wars art, maybe even Star Wars bedclothes (look, I found some really soft Star Wars sheets on clearance and have no shame), but it’s time to level up. Why not add galactically inspired furniture to your abode? Regal Robot is here to help. The folks responsible for the  unforgettable Millennium Falcon coffee table are now selling that item and other officially licensed Star Wars decor through Regal Robot. Among their offerings is a swank, unique couch based on a dewback. No, seriously.

It’s just weird enough to work—the creature we met on Tatooine is suited to be a sofa with its curved back. The Regal Robot team has finished the two-seater loveseat with careful details applied by hand, which means every $9,999 sofa is a piece of art. It comes with pillows and cushions, two cupholders, a faux fur throw, and a patterned blanket—everything you need to get comfortable for an evening of watching Star Wars movies.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate what a glorious time it is to be a fan? We can have things like dewback couches in our home, for crying out loud!

Skip to the gallery below to view more photos of the dewback couch, the Millennium Falcon asteroid table, and a Han in Carbonite desk. If you want to peruse all of Regal Robot’s officially licensed Star Wars home furnishings (and you should), jump on over to their website. If you have an idea for a custom piece of furniture, like maybe a tauntaun armchair or a mynock light fixture, drop by Regal Robot’s custom commission page. They’ll whip up some art, get approval from Lucasfilm, and then get to work. Fancy.

If you could turn any creature in Star Wars into a piece of furniture, what would you choose? Share your pick in the comments.

Images: Regal Robot

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