Cosplay Friday #208 – STAR WARS Celebration Highlights

It’s hard to believe Star Wars Celebration Orlando took place two weeks ago. I feel like the ultimate gathering of Star Wars fans happened yesterday. Since I’m still being fueled by the energy of the event and still catching up on pictures and news (like the little Jyn Erso who gave Death Star plans to Leia cosplayers), I decided this edition of  Cosplay Friday should be all about Celebration. Fans bring their finest to the event, and it’s where you can see costumes featuring all sorts of characters from legacy to the obscure. Photographers answered my call for costume pics with some beauties.

To kick things off, how about this Leia:

Leia Organa (A New Hope) | Photo by Mike McCoy

Star Wars Rebels era Captain Rex:

Captain Rex (Star Wars Rebels) | Photo by Luke Walker

Grand Admiral Thrawn:

Grand Admiral Thrawn | Photo by Nate Buchman

The galactic cosplay continues in the gallery below. You’ll find another Two Tubes, Hera Syndulla, Rey, Matt the Radar Tech, a Bothan, and so much more. Be sure to follow the links in the captions to see more shots from each photographer.

Do you cosplay or take photographs of cosplayers? Then I want to see your work so we can talk about highlighting your creations in a future Cosplay Friday gallery. If you’re a photographer, maybe we could focus on your images from a single convention. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me at [email protected] and send photos you’d like me to feature–the more high-res the photos, the better. Be sure to provide credits for the cosplayers or photographers for each image because giving credit is good manners–bonus points if you include links to relevant Facebook pages or websites. Though I wish I knew all the nerdy franchises, I don’t, so please let me know who or what is being cosplayed.

Featured Image: Luke Walker

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