What the STAR WARS Cast Had to Say About Reylo

Another Star Wars Celebration is in the books, and we finally know a little bit more about  Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. While the Episode IX panel had a host of memorable moments and phrases, the entire weekend gave us a few updates about the ship everyone either loves, or loves to hate: Reylo.

At the end of The Last Jedi, Rey closed the door on Kylo Ren during their last ForceTime. This seemed pretty definitive. However, when asked point blank about Kylo Ren and Rey at the Episode IX panel, Daisy Ridley coyly replied that we’ll have to wait and see. In another interview on  Good Morning America, Ridley also stated that the relationship between Rey and Kylo would be “explored in much greater depth.” This tracks, considering how much The Last Jedi expanded on their dynamic from the set-up of The Force Awakens. However, the Reylo conversation at Celebration didn’t just end there. Ridley chatted with MTV’s Josh Horowitz about Kylo, specifically referring to their Facebook status as “It’s Complicated.” For two people who are connected by the Force, who have fought both against each other and with one another, and who understand the other’s feelings of loneliness and isolation, we’d say “it’s complicated” is the most succinct phrase to describe them.

Finally, Ridley expanded on her previous answer about Rey and Kylo’s dynamic being explored further, saying “We’ve done two films and our relationship has evolved within those, so I can safely say in another film, our relationship does evolve, yes.” Considering the past two films have progressed Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship from outright enemies to unlikely allies back to uneasy enemies, there’s a few ways their bond could evolve in Rise of Skywalker. Daisy Ridley wasn’t the only cast member asked about Reylo: John Boyega was on the Star Wars  Celebration livestream and addressed the ship, “I know what the fans want, they want to see the dynamics between Rey and Kylo.” This is a fair statement, coming from someone in a directly opposing ship.

Reylo is clearly on the radar of both the greater Star Wars fandom at large and the cast and crew. It’s not surprising to see some questions about it in the months leading up to Rise of Skywalker. Also, shipping aside, their interactions have both increased from film to film and been the throughline of the sequel trilogy. We’re excited to see the consequences of The Last Jedi between Rey and Kylo come this December. What do you folks think? Do you ship Reylo? Do you think it has a fair shot at becoming canon? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Lucasfilm

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