ANDOR Introduced Us to B2EMO, the Newest STAR WARS Droid

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The latest Star Wars series Andor is finally here to give us the lowdown on Cassian Andor before joining the Rebellion. The first three episodes begin to anchor his story before the events of Rogue One as he gets into a bunch of trouble. There’s a lot left to uncover about his background and upcoming adventures but one new character gives us a ton of delight. Episode one introduces us to a new Star Wars android named B2EMO a.k.a. Bee. And we love this delightful little droid already. 

photo of cassian andor sitting in front of b2emo aka bee

Who Is B2EMO on Andor

B2EMO is a red, rusty, and somewhat cube-shaped salvage assistant droid for the Andor family. Cassian and his mother Maarva use the droid to seek out needed scrap metals and products. But he’s not just a loyal android in this show. Bee is essentially Cassian’s sidekick who will do anything for him, from providing information to lying. Although, that second request is out of his comfort zone. He’s unintentionally witty and full of heart, wanting to be by Andor’s side. You might say he takes the “emo” in his name seriously.

According to an Entertainment Weekly profile, Star Wars designer Neal Scalan’s creature shop actually made this droid from scratch. The crew controls B2EMO with a remote and has all his physical functions, which means the actors actually get to be in scenes with him vs. a CGI character. 

What Does B2EMO Do in Andor?

In Andor, we meet B2EMO early in the premiere episode as the creaky droid scours Ferrix, a free trade sector in the Morlani system. Bee is immediately adorable, whether he’s shocking a hound to make it go away or getting in a dig at Andor. We discover that he’s got a power issue that frequently causes him to glitch in the form of stuttering his words. When B2EMO unites with Cassian Andor, he reveals that Maarva thinks Cassian is hanging out with bad people in worse places. Specifically the kind of people and places that will get her son into trouble that he cannot get out of. And whoa is that true.

photo of maarva and bee aka b2emo together in andor series

Thanks to Bee, Maarva discovers that she’s right when she gets the message that a Kenari man on Ferrix is wanted for questioning. It’s obviously Andor, whom we saw kill two Imperial guards after they harassed him during a visit to Morlana One. We learn even more about Bee in episode three of Andor, discovering that he was with Maarva when she “saved” (kidnapped, really) Cassian from Kenari as a child. So, it’s clear B2EMO has been a part of this family for a couple of decades. Unfortunately, that episode ends with Andor fleeing Kenari and leaving Bee behind. 

Will We See Bee Again on Andor

Andor is off with the very suspicious Luthen, so we don’t know when he will return to Ferrix. That means it could be a while before we see Bee again. However, it would be a true crime to introduce this cool new android on a Star Wars show and not give it time to shine. We just need more Bee on our TV screens.

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