AHSOKA’s Anakin Skywalker Moment Is a Direct Callback to STAR WARS REBELS

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A highlight of Ahsoka‘s seven episode was getting to watch Anakin Skywalker return one more time. This time however, not in the World Between Worlds. Ahsoka was actually watching him in an old training hologram, recorded decades before. Hayden Christensen returned to play his younger self, tutoring his Padawan apprentice. He even mentioned how Ahsoka might have to face certain foes in battle, name-dropping Clone Wars villains General Grievous, Dooku, and Asajj Ventress. But Ahsoka watching a training holo from her old mentor is actually a call back to Rebels season two, episode 18. You can watch the moment in question below:

At the point that Ahsoka is watching this hologram in Rebels, she suspects that her old Master is actually alive. In fact, she sensed he was alive when she made contact through the Force with Darth Vader earlier that season. But she’s also a bit in denial at this point about what she felt coming from the mind of the Sith Lord. She wouldn’t find out for sure until she faced Vader in battle in the Rebels episode “Twilight of the Apprentice.” Thanks to Rebels, we know that Anakin making holograms for his apprentice was not something invented solely for Star Wars: Ahsoka.

The memory of Anakin Skywalker, her Jedi Master, haunts Ahsoka on Star Wars Rebels.

Ahsoka mentioned in the episode how Anakin recorded some 20 of these for her during her training. The one she was watching in episode seven was but the last of them. But, that means there are 18 more of these we haven’t seen, which they could show us over time. Or, they may choose to keep them a mystery. We just know that after the last few episodes of Ahsoka, we’re down for more Hayden as Anakin any way we can get him. We’ll happily take more training holograms if that’s how it can happen.

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