The Force is With These STAR WARS Shoes from Adidas

Update: 11/26/2019

In addition to Star Wars shoes based on iconography from the series announced earlier this month, now Adidas has revealed a whole new set of shoes arriving this winter inspired by some of the most beloved characters in the franchise!  From the prequels to the sequels, characters from all across the saga are represented here.

The galaxy’s most resourceful astromech droid R2-D2  represents within the pack’s Nite Jogger style, accompanied by a Stormtrooper-themed counterpart. Each of these shoes is accented with reflective details and namesake logos including a lace charm, custom Adidas stamp featuring the character, and associated crests found on the shoe’s upper heel.

The newest shoes from Adidas are inspired by the Rebellion's most trusted astromech droid, Artoo Detoo.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

A cool detail found imprinted on the Boost of the Stormtrooper style reads “OPEN THE BLAST DOORS!”, a nod to a iconic trooper line from A New Hope.

The Imperial Stormtroopers might have been lousy shots, but their cool designs inspired these amazing shoes.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

Representing the pinnacle of the light side and the dark sides of the Force, Darth Vader and Jedi Master Yoda also have a pair of shoes coming from this collection which represent their iconic aesthetics. Each design features a Star Wars lace charm, custom stamped logos, and phrases from the films on the heal. For Lord Vader’s shoe, it features his iconic Empire Strikes Back line that reads “Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy.”

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader gets pair of sleek new shoes, in black and red of course.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

As for Master Yoda’s shoes, they read “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The most powerful Jedi of all, Master Yoda, gets a pair of shoes with highlights as green as the swamps of Dagobah.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

And of course, the Star Wars saga is nothing without its Rebel ladies leading the charge. Included in this batch is a Rey-inspired shoe which comes in a light brown and blue façade which reflects her clothes from Jakku and her blue lightsaber, and the heel tab slogan says “Light. Darkness. A balance.”

The sands of Jakku and the blue lightsaber blade which belong to Rey inspire this latest shoe from Adidas.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

And last but certainly not least the Princess Leia-inspired iteration is inspired by her Endor fatigues from Return of the Jedi. Gold details accent the shoe’s laces and logos, and “Hope” is stamped across the backside of each heel.

Inspired by everyone's favorite rebel princess, these Leia Organa shoes echo the colors of her fatigues from Endor.

Adidas / Lucasfilm

The Adidas Star Wars Characters-themed pack will be available starting on Monday, December 2 on and at select retail stores, with price points between $50-$130 USD. The force is definitely strong with this footwear, and they make for the perfect holiday gift for the Jedi fan in your life.

Original Report
The first wave of Adidas Star Wars shoes is inspired by iconography from across the entire saga, including lightsabers.

Sure, Star Wars themed t-shirts and jackets and even dresses are cool. We all have some of those stashed somewhere in our closet. But these Star Wars themed shoes from Adidas are the next level of cool. Starting in November, Adidas is releasing an entire Star Wars collection of basketball shoes featuring iconography from every part of the cinematic saga. One shoe is straight up Sith-inspired, while another celebrates both the Light Side and the Dark Side all on one very colorful piece of footwear. And all that’s just the tip of the lightsaber when it comes to this new collection.

the new Sith flavored shoe coming this fall from Adidas

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

The footwear and apparel collaboration with Lucasfilm features three packs across Adidas Basketball, Running, and Originals. Each of the three packs celebrate an element of Star Wars saga including lightsabers, starships and of course, several classic beloved characters. From Rey to Chewie, most of your favorites are here. The Lightsaber-themed pack from Adidas Star Wars will be available at Adidas stores and on beginning November 1, followed by the Space Battle pack launching on November 21, and the Characters pack launching November 29.

The Lightsaber-themed pack is for all the fans of the Jedi’s greatest weapon, with a design highlighted by kyber crystal-themed elements that are featured on each silhouette’s UV midsole. For the fan who is only familiar with the movies and not the books or animated series, the kyber crystals are the rare gems that supply the power for every lightsaber.

This new show from Adidas is inspired by the lightsaber color of one Obi-Wan Kenobi

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

The pack features eight custom basketball iterations:

The Harden Vol. 4 is designed with purple accents and pays homage to Samuel L. Jackson’s Master Mace Windu, while the Dame 5 takes its inspiration from Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. Although of course green was also Yoda and Qui-Gon’s color of choice. Crazy 1 and Rivalry Lo designs shed light on Darth Vader and the dark side, while the classic Top Ten design goes to that most revered member of the Jedi Order, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

This new collection will also feature several other shoes featuring characters from both the Empire/First Order as well as the Rebellion/Resistance. So you’ll be able to show off your loyalty to either the Light or Dark Side of the Force next time you’re going on your morning jog. And something that hardcore Star Wars fans will surely appreciate will be the Aurebesh writing on several of the shoes, highlighting the main written language that we see onscreen in that galaxy far, far away.

This shoe pays homage to the colors of Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Luke Skywalker's lightsabers.

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

And as a way of complementing the Lightsaber-themed pack, the apparel capsule will also include hoodies, crewnecks and sweatpants. Now, you’ll have the perfect get up for your first viewing of The Rise of Skywalker… and the second one, and the fifth, and so on. The Lightsaber-themed pack will be priced between $70-$140 USD.

With the launching of the Space Battle themed pack, Adidas draws inspiration from the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, unveiling an X-Wing Starfighter design that includes quotes such as “Stay On Target” and “The Force Will Be With You, Always” on the heel’s webbing. Dubbed by Adidas as “The Most Responsive Shoe In The Galaxy,” it includes glow-in-the-dark hardware to help it shine through the night, like an X-Wing in the middle of battle.

adias star wars x-wing shoe

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

The Death Star also gets its spotlight in the second installment of this collection with glow-in-the-dark hardware and a laser green and black color scheme. You can proudly wear the slogans of “That’s No Moon” and “The Power Of The Dark Side” to declare your love for Darth Vader and Kylo Ren with this new style.

adidas star wars death star shoe

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

And of course, what would a battle-inspired shoe line be without the most awesome battleship of all, The Millennium Falcon? Similar to the X-Wing Starfighter design, quotes such as “Jump To Lightspeed” and “Never Tell Me The Odds” are inscribed on the heel to give you some extra motivation whether you’re running at hyperspeed or just walking, while its colors pay homage to the most iconic ship in Star Wars history.

adidas star wars millennium falcon shoe

Adidas / Lucasfilm 

For more information on the collection’s upcoming releases, fans can now sign up for alerts at

You can check out several more images of this new Force-powered footwear in the gallery below.

Images: Lucasfilm / Adidas 

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