3D Billboard Shows the Enterprise’s Grand Return in STAR TREK: PICARD

Spoiler Alert

The penultimate episode of Star Trek: Picard gave long-time Trekkers something we never thought we’d see again. The starship Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, fully restored to her classic ’80s/’90s look, flying once more. Somehow, the producers of Picard and Paramount+ were able to keep this one a secret from the public. Because when the crew set foot on that old bridge once again, fans on social media went wild. No one saw it coming. Now that the Enterprise has returned, Paramount+ has revealed a new Picard digital billboard in New York City, showcasing the old girl’s glorious comeback.

Seeing that really cool 3D effect, it really looks like the Enterprise (a much tinier Enterprise) just flew into Times Square and docked. The fans on the street went nuts seeing the iconic ship again, and you can hear folks shouting “D! D! D!” in reference to the TNG Enterprise’s corresponding registry letter. If you really look carefully, you can also see a fan shoot up their hand and do the Vulcan salute. Another fan can be heard shouting “Everybody remember, the D is the fat one!” This was a fun fan callback to episode one of Picard season three, where someone said no one wants toy models of the TNG Enterprise, and calls that ship “the fat one.”

The Enterpise-D returns, in this amazing 3D billboard in New York advertising Picard season 3.

With only one episode of Star Trek: Picard left to go, we likely only have one more ride left with the Enterprise-D. Will she save the Earth from another Borg invasion? Probably. But what happens to her afterward? Will she have more adventures? Will she go back to the Starfleet Museum? That seems the more likely scenario here. Whatever happens, here’s hoping that the Picard finale is not the last time we board this Enterprise. So much work went into recreating that set, it would be a shame if we don’t see it at least a few more times. As Spock might say, it would be highly illogical.

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