Dammit, I’m a Doctor! STAR TREK Video Compilation Showcases McCoy’s Catchphrase

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “I might be a lot of things, but I’m not…” followed by whatever thing someone is accusing them of being. But Dr. Leonard McCoy of the USS Enterprise is best known for a catchphrase that expresses the complete opposite idea. He’s a doctor, not whatever else his crew mates might wish him to be. And as this fun montage shows, during Star Trek‘s long history plenty of other physicians have used his famous line to make clear exactly who they are and what they can—and can not—do.

YouTuber John DiMarco has put together a super cut of doctors from Star Trek saying variations of Bones’ iconic lines. This montage (which we first saw at Laughing Squid) starts with the original series and the man who always made sure to remind people of his profession, DeForest Kelley’s McCoy. He really made that snark saying his calling card. One his successors have carried forward in new Star Trek projects. This video also features the times when Alexander Siddig’s Julian Bashir said it on Deep Space Nine. Along with the times both Robert Picardo’s Doctor from Voyager and First Contact said it, as well as John Billingsley’s Phlox from Enterprise.

If you’re wondering where Dr. Beverly Crusher is from The Next Generation, DiMarco says Gates McFadden’s character never actually said it. Which makes sense. She was never the type to whine or eschew responsibilities.

A collage of Star Trek physicians
Paramount/John DiMarco

The only real omission from this video is the Kelvin Timeline’s Bones, played by Karl Urban. Dammit man, he’s a doctor and not a torpedo technician! Because no matter which parallel Star Trek universe you might find yourself in, some things are always true. Like how Federation doctors might be a lot of things, but being willing to accepting non-medical tasks is not one of them.

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