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Destined-to-be-classic card game Fluxx has already visited the original Enterprise and the Enterprise-D in Star Trek themed sets. But if it’s Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine that are the Trek that’s closest to your heart, we’ve got good news! Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx was recently announced by Looney Labs with an expected release later this year.

Fluxx is an unpredictable game in which you have to play your cards right. With the basic rule of draw one card, play one card, the game starts simply enough. More complicated rules enter the game depending on the cards you draw. Basic Fluxx gameplay has stayed the same, but the flexibility of the cards has led to some amazing collaborations and themes from Firefly, to general science, to Batman and beyond.


Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation have both inspired Fluxx sets, and now the game is headed to the wormhole of Deep Space Nine. Benjamin Sisko, Quark, Dax, Worf, and your other favorite crew members are all part of the themed set that’s sure to be a hit with Trek fans.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx is planned for release in the second quarter of this year at a retail price of $20.00.

Voyager, Discovery, the newest films—which Trek would you like to see next from Fluxx? Tell us in the comments.

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All Images: Looney Labs

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