Young Spock to Appear in STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2

Season one of Star Trek: Discovery show ended on a huge cliffhanger: the series’ titular ship literally ran into the U.S.S. Enterprise, which at this point in the Star Trek timeline is under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. And as the original series’ first pilot episode “The Cage” let us know, a young science officer named Spock was also aboard the ship, ten years before he served as first officer under Captain James T. Kirk.

Does this mean we’ll finally see a version of Mr. Spock in season two of Discovery? After all, the show’s main character, Commander Michael Burnham ( Sonequa Martin-Green), is Spock’s adopted sister, and Spock’s father Sarek ( James Frain) is also a recurring character on the show. Well, Discovery season two director Jonathan Frakes (best known to fans as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander Riker) has confirmed Spock WILL make an appearance in season two–just not the way you think.

Thanks to io9, we learned Frakes confirmed at El Paso Comic Con that a younger, presumably child or teenage era Spock, will appear in season two in flashbacks where he’ll show up alongside a younger Michael Burnham. We will finally see just what Burnham’s relationship really is with her famous older brother, and maybe find out why Spock never once mentioned her in eighty episodes and six movies. To be fair, Spock also had a half brother he famously never brought up until Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, so at least he’s consistent.

Does this mean we won’t see adult Spock, even in a cameo, on Discovery? We are seeing the Enterprise’s Captain, Chris Pike, to be played by The Inhumans Black Bolt. It would make sense we would see his bridge crew too, wouldn’t it? Or will he beam over to the Discovery, meaning we won’t see the interior of the Enterprise at all? I could see the producers of Star Trek: Discovery doing that, since the retro look of the Enterprise wouldn’t at all match with the aesthetics of Discovery. Also, at this point in time, Sarek, who is on board Discovery, is totally estranged from his son, and the two won’t mend fences until the original series episode “Journey to Babel.” If Sarek and Spock didn’t meet up, it would actually adhere to continuity.

Still, it seems like a cheat if we don’t get at least a cameo from an adult Spock on Discovery, especially with the Enterprise around. It doesn’t even have to be Zachary Quinto; I think fans will accept a third Spock in the role. Although if Quinto pulled surprise cameo, fans would go wild for it. Discovery played pretty fast and loose with established Trek continuity in season one, so whatever the producers of the show end up doing, expect it to be fairy controversial.

Are you excited to see Star Trek’s most iconic character on Discovery? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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