The first season finale of Star Trek: Discovery teased the appearance of the starship Enterprise and one of its most famous crew members. Now that the second season of Discovery is well under way, the creative team behind the show has finally revealed that Ethan Peck will portray Spock. Via Variety, Peck will step into the role that Leonard Nimoy made famous in the first Star Trek series and the six subsequent feature films. Zachary Quinto portrayed Spock in the three Star Trek reboot films, but Peck’s incarnation of the character will be at least a decade younger. Discovery will encounter the Enterprise during Christopher Pike’s tenure as the ship’s captain, as briefly glimpsed in “The Cage,” the pilot episode for the original series.

Image: CBS

Peck is best known for his stints on 10 Things I Hate About YouMadame Secretary, Gossip Girl, and his guest appearances as “young Kelso” on That ’70s Show. Peck also lent his voice and likeness to Halo 4, and he happens to be the grandson of Gregory Peck. Presumably Peck’s Spock will share the screen with Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham, since the first season of Discovery revealed that they are foster-siblings. Other new additions for season 2’s cast include Anson Mount as Captain Pike and Rebecca Romijn as Number One.

Star Trek: Discovery is expected to premiere its second season on CBS All Access in January 2019.

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Images: CBS TV

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