STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Cast Parodies RENT’s “Seasons of Love”

How many times do you think Anthony Rapp, an original Rent cast member who also returned for the musical’s big screen adaptation, has heard the song “Seasons of Love”? How many times do you think he’s been asked by friends and family to sing it? Is there a number that means less than infinite but still infinite? However you measure the number of times he’s performed it, it’s obvious it hasn’t driven him totally insane, because he joined his fellow Star Trek: Discovery stars for a parody version of the iconic number. Instead of love, it celebrates the final frontier’s many, many, many versions over the years.

This video (which we first came across at Broadway World), stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Mary Wiseman, and Rapp, all in character in their Federation uniforms. It opens with Rapp’s Lt. Stamets coming to the bridge singing about “525,600 reboots and shows to explore.” He’s then joined by the rest of the crew, who gives credit to Star Trek‘s lasting legacy to the one group that has truly made it all possible: nerds.

Maybe we shouldn’t admit this, because it might guarantee no one who ever starred in Rent will ever come within 5,000 feet of us, but this is exactly the type of thing we’d want to do if we got to hang out with one of them. Maybe we haven’t heard “Seasons of Love” quite as often as they have, but we’d bet we’re pretty close.

This isn’t the only song these four will perform together though. They will also show off their vocal chops on an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

If Anthony Rapp said he never wanted to hear “Seasons of Love” again we’d understand it, we really would, but we’re glad he’s not sick of it so we can get silly spoofs like this.

Now do “Tango: Maureen!”

Featured Image: Carpool Karaoke/CBS All Access

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