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Spooky Fashions for Halloween and Beyond

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Halloween may be best known for the costumes, but for some, it’s all about the fashion. Spiderwebs, skeletons, monsters, and witches are all showing up on dresses, leggings, and accessories. While this is certainly the season to celebrate the macabre in your fashion choices, these looks can also be worn year-round. Think of them as just another fun print that can be used as a statement piece in your wardrobe. If The Nightmare Before Christmas taught us anything, it’s that you can celebrate your favorite holiday year round.

Almost every major geek retailer out there has released a special line of Halloween items this year. Even if they’re not new designs, they are all shining a spotlight on their boo-tiful seasonal fashions. Here’s a few select designs from our favorite vendors that you can get your own boney fingers on.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Vintage and va-va voom specialist Pinup Girl Clothing caters to the macabre crowd year round, but they’ve cooked up a few special treats in their Tempting Treats section. Their offerings include a variety of Halloween prints in some of their classic skirt and dress styles like this monster movie pencil skirt and spiderweb dress.

Universal Monsters Movie Pencil Skirt

Photo Credit: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Heidi Spider Dress

Photo Credit: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Living Dead Clothing

Australia’s Living Dead Clothing has supplemented their year-round styles this year with a special Treehouse of Horror line collaboration with The Simpsons. This line includes dresses, leggings, and tops in quite a few spooky, yet adorable prints. You can find other horror-ific styles in their House of Horrors section.

Snowball's Halloween Leggings

Photo Credit: Living Dead Clothing

Creature of the Night Skater

Photo Credit: Living Dead Clothing

Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Clothing has a Halloween section that features headless horsemen, spellbooks, clockwork skeletons, and even Cthulhu. They have quite a variety of styles including leggings, dresses, skirts, crop tops, and wraps.

Headless Horseman WifeyTop

Photo Credit: Black Milk Clothing

SpellBound Leggings

Photo Credit: Black Milk Clothing


This Los Angeles based company has been quickly expanding into the geek market this year. Poprageous has a Halloween section offering the usual leggings, dresses, and tops, as well as cloaks and bodysuits!

Skeleton Leggings and Top

Photo Credit: Poprageous

Bloody Prom Bodycon Dress

Photo Credit: Poprageous

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has been expanding into the geek fashion market for years, but in 2015, they upped their game with a series of Pop Culture inspired fashion lines. This Halloween they unveiled lines honoring fan favorites  The Nightmare Before Christmas and American Horror Story.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cardigan

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Asylum Doctor Dress

Photo Credit: Hot Topic


Modcloth specializes in classic cuts and vintage styles from a variety of eras and they’re quickly becoming known for their fun prints. This Halloween they have an entire shop dedicated to the season which features both clothing and home decor. They have some very unusual pieces and if you’re looking for something more work friendly that you can use year-round, you should definitely check out their dresses.

Bat's The Spirit Dress

Photo Credit: ModCloth

Rad to the Bone Dress

Photo Credit: ModCloth


If you’re seeking something a bit subtler in your fashion, there are countless accessories on the market, especially from small sellers on Etsy. Add a bloody pin to a simple black dress and you’ll be sure to get some curious glances. Add some cleaver earrings and your co-workers may start to worry about you a bit. A vampire purse could add a bit more playful charm to the mix and adding a pair of Marceline Dr. Martens will certainly get them laughing.


Photo Credit: Macon & Lesquoy

Cleaver Earrings

Photo Credit: Etsy: chloesvintagejewelry

Black and White Vampire Purse

Photo Credit: Unique Vintage

Nightosphere's Looking at You Boot

Photo Credit: ModCloth

Featured Image: Pinup Girl Clothing

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