Nintendo’s SPLATOON Gets an Anime Series Adaptation

SplatoonNintendo’s rabidly loved newcomer, is turning into an anime series that you can watch on  the CoroCoro YouTube channel beginning on August 12. The game series is a relatively new intellectual property (IP) for Nintendo, but it’s gotten off to a rocking start. In fact, it was recently named gaming’s most successful new IP in Japan since 2006’s Wii Sports.

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The game has sold very well, critics and gamers alike have been pretty into it, and the Squid Sisters announcing duo has become pretty popular among fans — they even gave their first live concert performance last year. So, with an enthusiastic fan base, at least a couple of characters that a lot of people already like, and a sequel, Splatoon 2, coming out on the Nintendo Switch on July 21st, it’s an ideal time to capitalize on this flourishing universe.

There’s no concrete word yet on what the series will be about, but CoroCoro reports that episodes may not be TV-length, and that they’ll be based on the current Splatoon manga series, which runs in the magazine. That series is about Inklings engaged in a turf war, so that perhaps at least gives us some idea of what the show will be about. The manga series, by the way, is set to be localized to English later this year, and speaking of localization, we’re don’t yet know if the anime will be dubbed, or if it will at least be available with English subtitles.What do you think the Splatoon anime series should be about? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: Nintendo

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