Next SPIDER-MAN Movie May Enlist Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, Plus Michael Keaton Returns

When we last left our friend Adrian Toomes—weapons collector, self-styled supervillain Vulture, and living epitome of modern American socioeconomic frustration—he had been apprehended and rescued by his arch nemesis/aspiring son-in-law Peter Parker, tossed in jail for his crimes against humanity (well, New Yorkers), and set upon what seemed a genuine path to redemption. But supervillainy is a hard habit to kick, and it looks like we’ll be seeing Toomes don the wings once more in  Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s untitled sequel.

/film reports Michael Keaton will be back for a second  Spider-Man picture. This follows  The Hollywood Reporter‘s revelation early Monday morning that the studio may be likewise in talks to enlist one Jake Gyllenhaal to play yet another notorious baddie, Mysterio, in the film.

That said, we can’t be sure just yet which version of the character Gyllenhaal may end up playing; Marvel Comics has treated readers to a number of different villains to bear the Mysterio title—namely special effects expert Quentin Beck, stuntman Daniel Berkhart, teleporting mutant Francis Klum, and, most recently, the otherwise anonymous Mysterion—and any one could wind up finding footing in the universe of Tom Holland‘s Spidey.

On the one hand, Spider-Man pictures have made a tradition of treating Peter to more than one foe at a time; on the other, with a name as big as Gyllenhaal’s filling the metallic mask of Mysterio, we may insinuate that a truly reformed Toomes could be returning not as an adversary, but as an ally to the boy who saved his life back on the shores of Coney Island. After all, Spider-Man pictures have also made a tradition of giving their bad guys a glimmer of redemption in their final moments. And wouldn’t it be nice to see Mikey Keats playing the hero once again?

How do you feel about the introduction of Mysterio into Spider-Man‘s movie canon, and how do you feel about Gyllenhaal in the role? Let us know!

Image: Marvel Studios/Sony

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