SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING’s Tom Holland and Zendaya Owned on LIP SYNC BATTLE

Tom Holland and Zendaya are set to reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise with Spider-Man: Homecoming, which that film theaters on July 7. Before that, though, the two decided to appear on Lip Sync Battle and give their own personal reboots to two of the biggest pop artists of the past decade: Bruno Mars and Rihanna.

Zendaya is also a singer by trade (check out her 2013 self-titled album for proof of that), so this kind of performance isn’t exactly a departure from her comfort zone. Donning the red outfit, white hat, and gold chains, Zendaya and a host of background dancers stepped out of a plane and ran through some super fun choreography set to “24K Magic.” Zendaya is definitely a performer, and in this instance, she looked like a real natural. Unlike a lot of Lip Sync Battle participants, though, she could have sang the song as well and nailed that too.

That said, Holland was definitely a scene-stealer on that night. He began by lip syncing to “Singing In The Rain” before that transitioned into “Umbrella,” for which Holland emerged wearing a long, black wig and matching open-back costume. The gender-bending performance was a pure success, since Holland backed up his garb with some confident and enthusiastic choreography. Zendaya couldn’t believe how great it was, and we’re equally impressed.

Check out both clips above and let us know which is your favorite. Did you think Holland had that kind of performance in him? Head to the comments and tell us what you think!

Also, if you’re still craving more Spider-Man and Bruno Mars-related fun, we recently mashed the two up for our catchy “That Spidey Life” video, so definitely check that out ( Robert Downy Jr. thinks you should watch it).

Featured image: MTV

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